Frequently Asked Questions
» What is covbux

covbux is a pay-to-view advertising service platform, that is, it consists in that advertisers buy advertising and then users earn money by seeing those ads.

In addition, at covbux you have a much better chance of earning money by completing offers, surveys, shortlinks and tasks among other ways.

» How does it work?

To work on our platform you must first register and then log into your account.

To see the advertisements you must go to the "view advertisements" section and start by clicking on each advertisement, this will take you to another window where the advertised page will be displayed and a timer or progress bar will be seen at the top, the which you should wait until I finished and a captcha will appear which must be solved, after this the value of the ad seen is credited to your account and so on.

» What is forbidden to do in covbux

Everything that refers to cheating is prohibited, that is:

- You cannot have more than one covbux account.

- The use of proxies, VPS, VPN, shared network environments and automatic click software is not allowed

- It is forbidden to transfer or sell accounts

You should know that if you perform any of these actions we have the right to even delete your account without prior notice

» How much is the minimum payment?

Standard Membership Minimum Cashout $2 and Upgrade Membership Minimum Cashout $0.25